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We are baancha

Who are we...

Baancha is a brand owned by Park Ventures. Baancha was established in the year 2018 with the main objective of providing various support services like Digital Marketing Services, Website and IT Development, and Business compliance services. 

Our Purpose

We want to help small and medium businesses to reach their potential customers on digital platforms and help to establish their business as a preferred brand in their target audience and help increase sales in an ethical manner. We will spend 10% of our profits on running ads intended to help the young generation to get deserving employment with our clients, or others.

Our Story

 Mr. Rahul a mid-aged businessman wanted to grow his business through the use of online platforms and digital advertising methods like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, etc. He wanted more sales, leads, and traction for his business. 


Mr. Rahul did not have much experience in online marketing and had a limited budget to spend on his marketing.


One day he was searching for some agencies online that can handle his work and then he came across one of our ads about offering Digital Marketing Services. 


He was surprised to see the range of services that we offered and the results that we have generated for our previous clients. He was also very excited about the fact that we are a highly ethical and transparent agency with a high focus on marketing strategy. Before starting any of the services, we offer a 20-minute free consultation call to prospective clients, the purpose of the call is to understand clients’ business and identify some specific points to develop a clear road map for marketing, this call helps our prospective clients understand what they can expect from our services and what results they can get. 


Rahul was a bit hesitant as he had never worked with any agency before and was doubtful whether hiring us would be a value-for-money decision for his business or not. 


6 months later Rahul's Facebook and Instagram page has over 5000 followers and he is getting great business growth from online marketing and enjoying the best year for his business in terms of Sales and Growth. What made this possible was clear transparency from Sumit about his business, and providing us with all the information that we needed to run powerful ads & develop a clear marketing strategy for his business. Our team’s absolute commitment to his business was also a major factor in this achievement. 


Rahul now enjoys an absolutely amazing digital presence for his business which gives him continuous leads and sales. He is very happy to have settled the Marketing side of his business and is more focused on delivery and operations. 


“We believe in creating effective marketing strategies to help your business grow”

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