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Privacy Policy

1. Data Collection: We collect data through various means:

  • When you use our SaaS-based tools, specific data may be collected as described in the respective software agreements.

  • For digital marketing services, we may collect information through website forms, cookies, Facebook pixels, Google tracking, and other technologies.

2. Use of Information: How we use your information:

  • Data collected through our SaaS tools is used solely for providing the specified software services.

  • Data collected through digital marketing activities is used for contacting you, pitching our services, and, if applicable, providing lead generation services.

3. Third-Party Tools: We may utilize third-party tools:

  • Tools such as Facebook pixels, Hotjar, and Google tracking are employed to enhance our services.

  • Your data is not shared with third parties except within our company, Park Ventures, for remarketing on various platforms.

4. Data Rights: Your data rights:

  • Users have the right to request corrections, deletions, or changes to their data. Contact us at for assistance.

5. Cookies and Tracking: For more details on our use of cookies and tracking technologies, please refer to our Cookies Policy.

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